Paradise Classic

For the past two years JPS California has taken select teams of High School and JR High School athletes to participate in the Annual Paradise Classic in Honolulu, Hawaii.
This year JPS California will be taking three teams:

  • Nor Cal High School Seniors
  • So Cal High School Seniors
  • Nor Cal 8th Grade Elite


Click here to submit your information to the 2018 selection committee



This is now the third year we have been able to participate in this event, and the last two years have been an amazing experience. This is a week long trip to Hawaii during the holiday season and it is a great opportunity for our athletes to not only showcase themselves one last time on film, but also represent the state of California against some of the best high school players in Hawaii and America Samoa. The team will depart for Honolulu, Hawaii on January 8th, 2017 and return on 15th, 2018.

The games will be played in Aloha Stadium on January 11th & 13th.

Check back closer to this event for television & live streaming details.

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