How Thunkable’s 3M+ Users and $30M in Series B Funding Will Impact the Mobile Landscape

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Thunkable recently announced that their mobile app building platform has surpassed 3M+ users and secured $30M in Series B funding. This milestone reveals how mobile app development has become more accessible than ever, and how Thunkable has become an integral part of the mobile landscape.

In this article, we’ll look at how Thunkable has achieved this success, and what impact their growth could have shortly.

Thunkable Announces 3M+ Users and $30M in Series B Funding

Thunkable is an intuitive and powerful platform which enables even the most novice developers to create, launch and market a fully interactive and attractive mobile app within minutes. It is the first visual, block-based mobile development platform, with support for both iOS and Android phones. Built with ease of use, speed and collaboration in mind, Thunkable’s drag-and-drop interface provides users with all the features necessary for developing their visual programming language optimised for mobile app creation.

The platform also features industry-leading optimization algorithms allowing seamless performance on all devices, from older Apple iPhones to newer Android devices. In addition, Thunkable is integrated with key API providers from Google Maps to AWS Machine Learning (Amazon Lex) so you can put advanced machine learning and predictive analytics into your apps easily.

Having recently passed the 3 million users mark globally, Thunkable has changed how people develop their unique apps – allowing them to instantly create products previously only available through major marketplace-based companies or companies that required a substantial development budget up front. Furthermore, with $30 million recently announced in Series B Funding raised by Heaton Capital LLC , Thunkable is primed to further change up how apps are created and monetized. All of this comes as welcome news to entrepreneurs in search of new ways of unlocking current opportunities within today’s mobile marketplaces as well as those seeking help creating innovative solutions for problems both small and large scale alike.

How Thunkable is Disrupting the Mobile App Development Landscape

Thunkable, the cloud-based mobile app development platform, has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, recently announcing that it has more than 3 million users. In addition, the company recently secured $30 million in Series B funding from venture capital company Tencent Global Ventures to support its growth trajectory. This surge in investment comes at a time when the mobile app space is undergoing a rapid transformation, with Thunkable poised to be one of the major players driving this change.

Thunkable’s technology and tools are revolutionising how anyone can create and publish mobile apps and games – from beginners to professional developers. As more people turn to Thunkable for efficient and affordable app creation, startups of all sizes can access unprecedented digital resources and services. Additionally, those looking to capitalise on the digital economy can easily use Thunkable’s platform to leverage global user demand with powerful scaling methods enabled via previously unavailable technological advancements.

Combining 3M+ users and $30M in funding solidifies Thunkable’s commitment to democratise app development through cutting-edge technology – revolutionising how professionals build apps fast without sacrificing quality or innovation. This revolutionary approach challenges traditional application development models while disrupting existing market dynamics – low-cost quick prototyping coupled with high-quality performance leading to greater global access for developers. With revolutionary tools like drag & drop GUI-grade protoyping, amazing realtime collaboration features backed by powerful scaling capabilities; easily create robust applications for various platforms quicker than ever!

Thunkable’s 3 Million Users

Thunkable recently announced a milestone achievement of 3 million users and $30M in Series B funding which will have a major impact on the mobile landscape.

This demonstrates the growing demand for mobile apps and Thunkable’s capabilities of fulfilling this demand.

This article will discuss what Thunkable plans to do with this milestone and its implications for the mobile landscape.

How Thunkable Achieved 3 Million Users

Since 2015, Thunkable has tried making mobile app development simple and powerful for everyone. The company’s no-code app publishing platform enables users to instantly launch mobile apps without coding – previously the domain of highly-skilled developers. Instead, users can take advantage of templates provided by Thunkable and then expand upon them to create their app to cater their unique needs and requirements.

Given the increasing popularity of mobile devices, the user base of Thunkable has grown exponentially during the past few years. Recently, they announced they have achieved 3 million users sprawled around the world who are powered through their platform. Though seemingly small in numbers, it is huge considering what it takes for a startup to reach such a milestone in less than 5 years!

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Achieving 3 million users did not come easily for Thunkable; hardwork and dedication have been the driving force throughout their journey. However, according to one study, word-of-mouth marketing has played an important role in promoting their product and creating brand recognition among potential customers. Furthermore, it significantly boosted their user base as more and more individuals heard about what Thunkable could do for them and started utilizing its amazing services. Therefore, we can confidently state that effective word-of-mouth strategies that not only increased sales drastically but also created a strong community around Thunkable itself paved the way for such remarkable results.

In addition to this growth in user base, Thunkable currently holds 15M monthly active users across 194 countries and regions, having gained access by 200M+ devices until now! All these data speak volumes about how far it has gone, but there is no denying that even more heights are yet to come!!

What this Means for the Mobile App Development Industry

The mobile app development industry is in for a major shake up with Thunkable’s announcement that they have 3 million users in 180 countries and $30M in Series B funding to accelerate growth. By offering free and open, no-code fully-visual drag-and-drop app building blocks, Thunkable makes mobile app development accessible to anyone. The implications of these latest developments are far reaching as the user base is set to expand further with plans to serve an initial 100 million users at maturity estimated by 2021.

With a 3M+ user base featuring developers, retailers, marketers and educators, Thunkable is driving an increase in mobile app innovation through its platform that enables building powerful solutions quickly and with minimal effort. This makes it possible for people with experience with coding languages such as Python or HTML to create powerful apps, rapidly prototyping ideas to market faster.

The power of Thunkable’s platform is further enhanced by its feature set consisting of core functions including monetization tools, analytics tracking and comprehensive debugging/testing capabilities. By introducing sophisticated coding solutions into the hands of non-programmers while continuing to encourage programming mastery among its users, Thunkable has created a win-win situation where mobile application development becomes both beginner friendly and far more advanced and complex than ever before for experienced developers.

Finally, the boost from the $30M Series B funding amplifies these benefits even further: providing greater resources for advancement and harnessing the idea generation from such a large user base promises exponential growth opportunities within the mobile app industry. As Thunkable continues leading this revolutionising trend for mobile app development which incorporates no-code solutions accessible by anyone regardless of individual skill levels—the possibilities seem almost limitless!

Thunkable’s $30M Series B Funding

Thunkable has recently announced their Series B funding of $30M, along with their 3M+ users. This is significant for the mobile landscape, quickly becoming dominated by app-based businesses.

In this article, we will discuss the impact of Thunkable’s new funding and user base, and what the future of mobile development might look like in light of this news.

How Thunkable Secured $30M in Series B Funding

Today, Thunkable, the world’s leading mobile application development platform, announced $30M in Series B funding.

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This round of funding comes out of a highly competitive process as investors clamoured to get involved with one of the leading mobile app development companies. As a result, Thunkable was able to secure investors such as Felicis Ventures, GV (formerly Google Ventures), Mango Capital and Y Combinator that believe in the power of the Thunkable platform.

The $30 million investment round will enable Thunkable to continue on its mission to empower anyone with an idea for a mobile application and bring it easily to life. Founded by former Googlers Arvind Gupta and Wei Lin and a team made up primarily of engineers, the company has over 3M users across more than 140 countries worldwide. Individuals use it, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

This influx of capital is exciting for Thunkable as their user base continues to grow exponentially. At the same time, they update their features regularly by responding in real-time to customer feedback on what developers need when building applications. This historic achievement milestone – funded user base of 3M+ – puts them ahead of many other XaaS providers in scale, market position and momentum. Along with this impressive achievement, they are now better-positioned than ever before, ready to lead the way for innovation within all areas related to mobile apps development tools, services and solutions.

What this Means for the Mobile App Development Industry

Thunkable announced its Series B funding, totaling $30 million, and its milestone of 3 million users is big news for the mobile app development industry.

This Series B funding will enable Thunkable to further develop their easy-to-use no-code platform that enables anyone to create their app without knowing any coding.

These 3 million users can now benefit from Thunkable’s powerful drag and drop interface, offering quick time-to-market for users with basic knowledge about building apps. In addition, this latest investment round increases competition among low and no code mobile app development platforms, setting a higher standard in the mobile app development space.

With this new wave of creativity enabled by no code platforms, a new group of developers is gathering momentum in the market. It may soon be a common sight seeing non-coders collaborate along coders on complex projects or access expert help from freelancer profiles offering consultancy services on specific projects.

This new influx of no code developers will profoundly impact the normalising of user experiences for all apps alike, helping remove complexities and allowing for simpler navigation through different levels with more automated features.

Impact of Thunkable’s 3M+ Users and $30M in Series B Funding

Thunkable, the startup that makes a visual drag-and-drop development platform for mobile apps, announced that it surpassed 3 million users and secured $30 million in Series B funding.

This news is a significant milestone for the mobile development world and will undoubtedly impact the mobile landscape going forward.

This article will explore the implications of Thunkable’s 3M+ users and $30M in Series B funding.

Impact on Mobile App Development

Thunkable’s announcement of 3 million plus users and $30 million in Series B Funding is significant news for the mobile app development industry. This injection of money and new user base will dramatically change how developers approach app creation.

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The most immediate impact of this investment is increased resources for developers, allowing them to make more immersive and successful apps. In addition, the additional funding will make it easier for developers to create more dynamic versions of existing projects or completely new ideas from scratch. It will also enhance the capabilities of Thunkable’s existing free platform and provide additional training resources with an upgraded infrastructure so that users can reach a wider audience in less time.

The other major impact that Thunkable’s announcement has on required mobile app development strategies is increased competition in the market. With multiple teams working together on different projects, developers may find themselves competing with each other to gain traction due to the influx of money into this sector. As a result, building relationships within the industry will become even more important as companies aim to differentiate themselves from the competition while staying within their budget parameters.

Overall, Thunkable’s 3M+ Users and $30M in Series B Funding have made a powerful statement that looks set to lead changes in mobile application development over the next several years.

Impact on the Mobile Landscape

Thunkable’s announcement of 3 million users and a new $30 million Series B funding round may have a major impact on the global mobile landscape. Thunkable’s platform for designing and building native iOS and Android apps has enabled developers to design more powerful, intuitive, and customizable apps than ever before. With more than 3 million users using the platform, this increased user base opens new revenue opportunities in app stores. In addition, it creates a larger global market for entrepreneurs looking to create successful businesses.

The $30 million Series B funding will also give Thunkable an injection of capital to pursue various initiatives that could improve their product offering or expand into new markets. From increasing the capabilities of their existing low-code platform to launching new products, having access to this money could help Thunkable become an even bigger player in the mobile landscape. In addition, the additional resources could also incentivize participation in different app stores or development opportunities with partners like Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Google LLC, Amazon Web Services, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, etc.

Ultimately, it is hard to predict how Thunkable’s 3 million+ users and $30M in series B funding will affect the mobile landscape in 2020. However, it is clear that regardless of what hapens it will bring about change in the app creation tools and open up new revenue streams for developers who previously had fewer options when monetizing their creations.

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