Introducing PortalOne – a new hybrid gaming platform

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PortalOne is an exciting new hybrid gaming platform that has recently raised $15M from Atari and other investors for its gaming and TV show app.

The platform is designed to revolutionise the gaming experience by merging classic gaming with an interactive TV show format to create an immersive and interactive user experience.

PortalOne has been gaining traction from gamers and app developers who see its potential to become the next big thing in the market. With its latest funding, PortalOne is ready to take the gaming and entertainment world by storm.

PortalOne raises $15M from Atari and more for a new hybrid gaming/TV show app

PortalOne is a hybrid gaming platform that combines immersive gaming experiences with multimedia content. Developed by entertainment software company Arcade Systems, PortalOne offers a new way to consume gaming and television content on a single platform. The platform was recently backed by Atari and other notable investors who have pledged over $15 million in seed funding.

PortalOne’s technology is designed to make it easier for gamers to access the full range of gaming sources, including Triple-A game titles, independent games and streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. With a unified storefront for single- and multi-player games, PortalOne also makes it easy for users to discover new games quickly. Additionally, users can subscribe to specific genres or franchises to get unlimited access to all compatible titles within those categories.

The platform emphasises social interaction between players via video chat system integrated with voice recognition technology. As players explore PortalOne’s library of games, they can communicate through this system, share tips, and team up for cooperative play.

But PortalOne doesn’t stop there – it also offers original series curated by leading industry veterans ‘Atari Originals’ – an exciting selection of television shows based on classic Atari & indie titles tailored specifically for PortableOne’s platform integrating social features into the interactive experience allowing viewers & gamers alike to directly engage & show their support for all types of original content creators from across the globe!

Through its carefully crafted selection of exclusive titles/shows/streaming platforms, integrated voice recognition technology & top-tier support for newly launched independent creators across multiple genres, PortalOne seeks to become the turnkey destination for both hardcore & casual gamers leading up to possibly the next generation of console gaming experience!

How PortalOne is Different From Other Hybrid Gaming Platforms

PortalOne is a new, revolutionary hybrid gaming platform that provides an all-in-one, multi-experience solution to gamers who want to simultaneously play their favourite titles from PC, console and mobile games. Not only does PortalOne offer players access to all types of gaming content through their subscription service or App Store purchases, but it also blurs the boundaries between gaming and television by streaming popular television shows directly within the app.

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Atari and several other venture capital firms recently provided 15 million dollars in funding for PortalOne’s development. What sets PortalOne apart from other hybrid gaming platforms is its advanced technology that allows gamers to stream television content directly from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video into the app. In addition, PortalOne eliminates tedious downloads and patch updates by tracking any updates to games in real time and automatically installing them when connected to Wi-Fi.

PortalOne’s unique features make it an attractive option for gamers who want access to digital content without needing multiple devices or streams. With this cutting edge technology coupled with Atari’s investment, PortalOne is well positioned to become the next big thing in hybrid gaming platforms in 2021!

Benefits of PortalOne

PortalOne, a hybrid gaming platform that combines classic gaming with a modern twist, has recently raised $15M from Atari and more investors. The platform is designed to be a unique gaming experience that can also be used to produce interactive TV shows.

What makes this platform stand out from the others? First, let’s look at some of the main benefits of PortalOne.

Unique Combination of Gaming and TV Show Content

PortalOne is revolutionising gaming by offering an unprecedented combination of gaming and TV show content in its newly released hybrid platform. By linking users with leading game developers and show producers worldwide, PortalOne gives users access to huge collections of gaming and television content. Integrating these two types of entertainment creates an entirely new experience for viewers, making watching shows and playing games easier on one platform. On PortalOne, the goal is to create a truly immersive experience for gamers- not just a quick game or a quick show but something that encompasses both genres and brings them together in a new format.

PortalOne’s approach has been embraced by some of the world’s most influential companies: in early 2021, Atari, Central European Media Enterprises (CME), Knorr-Bremse Group (Knorr-Bremse) as well as Waterlane Ventures invested $15 million into the platform. These funds will be used to further grow PortalOne’s capabilities and bring even more unique experiences to viewers through its gaming/TV show hybrid approach. Through this novel model, PortalOne is creating fresh revenue opportunities for their streaming partners by maximising user engagement with game publishers and TV studios. By leveraging partnerships with iconic brands such as Atari, CME, Knorr-Bremse, Waterlane Ventures and more – buyers from anywhere can now access unavailable content. At the same time, producers can gain international exposure they might not receive elsewhere.

With this new fund being acquired, PortalOne opens up unique possibilities for viewers who enjoy interactive games and traditional television programs on a single platform providing an ultimate entertainment experience within one joint app!

Accessibility to a Variety of Content

With PortalOne, users have access to a variety of content. This includes streaming services, TV shows and movies, gaming content, sports related content, news and other types of content available across multiple platforms. In addition, PortalOne’s wide reach means users can access their favourite media from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Additionally, the advanced search and categorisation options mean users can quickly access what they want without navigating vast media swathes. With PortalOne’s cutting-edge user interface, designed in consultation with experts from Atari and other entertainment industry giants, users can easily find the content they want.

PortalOne also offers users social capabilities by allowing them to interact with each other while playing games or watching shows and movie. Users can create ‘rooms’ to share experiences – watch movies together or show snippets from their favourite TVshow – and engage in conversations about media through comments capabilities or discussions within game lobbies.

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Overall, PortalOne provides users extensive access to various content anytime, combining entertainment sources while offering an engaging experience, offline or on the go!

Easy to Use Interface

PortalOne is designed as a user-friendly hybrid gaming/TV show platform for all players, from casual to hardcore. With intuitive control schemes and a sleek, modern interface, PortalOne allows users complete control over their overall experience.

The ‘Discover’ section lets users browse and find new content tailored to their preferences. A drag and drop function makes customization quick and easy. Navigation is simple with PortalOne’s customizable user profiles, allowing everyone in the family to save settings and gain access later.

Additionally, PortalOne has drop-in matchmaking built into the app and supports multiplatform games — so no matter what device you prefer playing on, you will never be excluded from the action.


PortalOne, a new hybrid gaming/TV show app, recently raised $15 million in venture capital funding from Atari, Endeavor and other strategic investors. This funding is set to fuel the company’s mission to produce and deliver a unique hybrid gaming platform experience with creator-first content.

We will now take a closer look at what this funding means for PortalOne and the gaming industry.

Overview of Funding Round

On December 16th, PortalOne, a hybrid gaming and television show platform aimed at developing immersive experiences for gamers, announced the close of their series A funding round with $15 million led by Atari. Roger Jin and Michael Cheung from Atari served as the deal’s syndicate lead investors in this round of funding backed by multiple game industry superstars such as SuperData and Fandom.

The funding plan includes an additional milestone-based $5 million that investors will release once certain milestones are met. This money will bring PortalOne’s vision to life by designing immersive gaming experiences that can bridge the real world and virtual worlds.

This new partnership provides PortalOne with capital to hire more engineers, marketers and business developers to facilitate their growth; mitigate operational risks; and develop their technology further. This capital injection also allows them to quickly launch new products they already have planned, such as the PortalOne remote controller currently in development.

Additionally, they plan to use part of the funds to expand into other markets outside the US & UK such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia with localised versions of the platform available soon. These plans ensure that PortalOne can remain competitive against other startups in its space while providing customers with more content variety on its app store including AAA franchises like Fallout & Rocket League.

Participating Investors

PortalOne is pleased to announce its successful culmination of its funding round- PortalOne raised $15M from Atari, 500 Startups, Core Tech Ventures and more. The company is thrilled to have attracted such reputable investors, who bring immense technical and industry know-how.

By partnering with these investors, PortalOne has access to their experience in development and business strategy — plus their lineup of high-profile brand partners such as Red Bull and Pokémon will help boost the launch of its innovative hybrid gaming/TV show app.

Atari is renowned for pioneering groundbreaking video game titles, while Core Tech Ventures fund revolutionary technologies such as augmented reality and motion capture. 500 Startups have proven success with app start-ups including Duolingo — the popular language learning app which recently commanded a $1 billion valuation — so the investors’ industry expertise will be instrumental in driving forward PortalOne’s mission of creating an immersive experience that integrates television with gaming.

Future of PortalOne

PortalOne is a new hybrid gaming platform that recently closed a $15M Series A funding round with Atari, Hollywood celebrity Shailene Woodley, and more.

This platform enables users to join virtual game worlds and reality TV shows, allowing for an unprecedented entertainment experience.

In this article we will explore the future of PortalOne and the limitless possibilities it can bring to the gaming and entertainment industry.

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Plans for Expansion

PortalOne, a new hybrid gaming/TV show platform, is eager to revolutionise the entertainment world with its innovative technology and ambitious growth plans. The company recently secured $15M from iconic video game creator Atari and a series of investors in media entertainment and the tech industry.

This series A financing round will help PortalOne expand its reach into the global markets. The company plans to launch their platform in Q4 2021, prepared to offer content from TV shows and games all on one app. Consumers can watch popular sitcoms and navigate interactive live-action levels, making for an immersive experience for gamers and less avid viewers. Unlike any other platform, PortalOne combines classic on-screen television programming with real-life action gaming elements like achievements and unlockables.

The company also intends to use their new funding to build their product development team by adding more mobile game creators, graphic designers, coders, animators, and 3D designers. These carefully selected personnel will help bring each product component of PortalOne’s revolutionary vision into fruition while expanding current features such as multilingual support across all regions they are set to launch in this Winter. The expansive genealogy between PlatformOne’s operational locations reveals an ambition many fans are excited about—and hopeful that it will live up to initial expectations!

Additional Features

PortalOne is delighted to announce new features for its hybrid gaming/TV show platform. Players with PortalOne accounts in the United States, Canada and Australia can now access even more interactive content as we introduce a growing catalogue of beloved classic titles, newly released games and exclusive original programming.

In addition to two-factor authentication, our enhanced security includes the ability for parents or guardians to ‘click and approve’ their children’s gameplay. It will reassure that young gamers are supervised and kept safe online, yet still have fun in a virtual world. We also plan to include online play options so gamers can come together in virtual worlds built just for them by PortalOne.

The team is also working hard to make sure users get the most out of their TV streaming experience with features including recommendations tailored just for them – PortalOne will tap into game ratings, subject matters and other user preferences – plus interactive quizzes linked to shows on-screen that promote family fun without leaving the sofa. No prizes for guessing who has been working overtime on those!

We can’t wait to share more features over the following months as we move closer to our winter launch date!

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