Thunkable can help you save time and money on your next mobile app project

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Thunkable has recently announced that they have reached 3 million users and have secured a $30M Series B funding round. This further solidifies their position as the leading drag-and-drop mobile app development platform.

Thunkable can help developers and businesses create amazing mobile apps in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional mobile app development. So get ready to learn more about the features and benefits of Thunkable and how it can help you save time and money on your next mobile app project.

Thunkable Announces 3M+ Users and $30M in Series B Funding

Thunkable is a drag-and-drop app platform that enables anyone to create stunning and fully-functional mobile apps without coding. With simple drag and drop tools, designers can quickly and accurately build complex layouts for their apps, significantly saving time and money on development. In addition, Thunkable makes it easy to access a wide range of features like cloud databases, message notifications, and powerful analytics.

Thunkable is one of the fastest growing platforms with over 3 million users in over 150 countries optimising the platform to their specific needs.

The company recently closed Series B funding of over $30 million with investors including Accel Partners and Greycroft Partners funded the round. The company also indicated its intention to use the new funding “to further strengthen its leadership position in DIY mobile app development”. This new wave of growth provides more opportunities for organisations to develop cutting edge applications using Thunkable’s easy-to-use software. This includes rapidly building complex applications for iOS and Android devices with the speed and ease that Thunkable provides.

Recent Thunkable news

Thunkable, the popular mobile app development platform, is celebrating a huge milestone in their growth. Having served over 3 million developers and exploded to become the leading platform for easily creating apps with drag and drop coding, Thunkable recently achieved another major goal: raising $30 million in Series B funding.

This funding will help Thunkable build more features, expand its support of more app stores and launch new initiatives. It will also allow Thunkable to continue serving its growing community of app developers.

Thunkable’s rapid rise is partly due to its straightforward tools that make it easier for non-technical users to create powerful mobile apps quickly and easily. Its MIT-born founders—Karthik Krishnan, Ghufran Jafri and Paul Nickels—have developed various pre-built templates that provide the building blocks for nearly any kind of app imaginable.

And with support for both Android and iOS devices and web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and all versions of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10+ or macOS 10+ computers, developers can leverage Thunkable’s vast capabilities on any device or operating system.

Benefits of Thunkable

Thunkable is a leading mobile app development platform enabling users to quickly and easily build mobile apps. Thunkable saves users time and money on their next mobile app project.

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Recently, Thunkable announced that it has over 3 million users and $30 million in Series B funding, showing just how big the platform has become. Let’s look at the benefits of Thunkable and why it might be a great choice for your next mobile app project.

Time and cost savings

The ability to develop mobile applications using a platform like Thunkable can help you save time and money. Instead of spending weeks or months learning about coding and mobile development, you can use their user-friendly drag-and-drop platform to quickly get your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) from idea to the marketplace – at a fraction of the cost.

Thunkable has created a user base of over 3 million developers from over 120 countries worldwide. They use their platform to create powerful and beautiful business, entertainment, social good, health and education applications. These developers have reported being able to save up to 90% on their ambitious software projects when compared with traditional development options.

The company recently announced a successful Series B funding round that raised $30 million. This new round of funding has enabled them to accelerate product development and make their technology available to more developers than ever before. Additionally, they have unveiled various new features that will make it easier than ever before for users to complete advanced tasks with drag-and-drop functionality, such as building screens with complex navigation styles and customising UI components like buttons and labels with shadows, gradients and animations right in Thunkable’s editor window – in just seconds!

If you want to bring your innovative app idea into reality without breaking your budget or taking too much time out of your life, give Thunkable a try today!

Drag and drop interface

One of the key benefits of the Thunkable platform is its drag and drop interface. This powerful tool enables users to quickly and easily design, customise, and deploy mobile apps without a single line of code.

With its intuitive user-interface, even novice app developers can create powerful solutions that meet their project specifications. Furthermore, this interface is designed to give developers yet more creative freedom with layout options, allowing users to customise the look and feel of their creations even further.

Because Thunkable simplifies mobile app development through its drag-and-drop system, it can provide users with the ability to develop projects quickly and efficiently – saving both time and resources that would be wasted on coding from scratch.

Support for multiple platforms

Thunkable is a cross-platform mobile app development platform that makes it possible to create, publish, and manage mobile applications with no technical code writing. Thunkable supports iOS and Android platforms with its low code visual drag and drop interface. This makes developing apps for multiple platforms much more efficient by eliminating the need to start from scratch for each platform.

In addition, easy integration of features such as analytics, ads and payments simplify the process of creating multi-platform apps using Thunkable. Moreover, the platform supports many programming languages so developers can customise their apps according to their unique requirements.

Thunkable also offers helpful tutorials to guide users through their projects. This allows users to focus on app development without worrying about technical difficulties or language barriers. In addition, with Thunkable’s support for multiple platforms, developers can save time and money when developing innovative mobile applications that will draw interest in today’s highly competitive market.

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Features of Thunkable

Thunkable is a powerful platform for mobile app development, enabling developers to quickly and easily build their projects with no coding required.

Since its launch, Thunkable has gained immense traction, now boasting over 3 million users and receiving $30 million in Series B funding.

In this article, we’ll discuss the features of Thunkable and how it can help developers save time and money on their next mobile app project.

Real-time app preview

Thunkable lets you preview your app instantly as you build it, ensuring you are always working on an up-to-date version of your project. This feature saves you time, eliminating the need to constantly install, test and tweak your code.

The real-time preview feature is especially useful when working with teams, as it allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate on the same project in real-time. Team members can join each other’s projects to collaborate, troubleshoot or make tweaks and changes to receive instant feedback from their teammates.

This powerful feature also offers additional benefits, such as the ability to widget tag elements for easy identification and setting a screen size for precise control over design elements. These features are invaluable when creating an app that looks beautiful, works flawlessly and stands out.

Access to a library of components

Thunkable provides access to a library of Components, Blocks and Libraries, making building the initial app layout easy. The drag-and-drop Interface helps the user to build the layout and thus reduce development time without coding. Components include buttons, text boxes, images and navigation features. Blocks let you govern what an app will do by specifying desired functions such as showing messages or playing music. At the same time, libraries can contain common code snippets across multiple apps.

Using Thunkable’s platform , users can code in either JavaScript or Google’s Blockly language – both of which come backed with features like Smart Editor capabilities and runtime debugging tools that help quickly find and reset errors so that users can quickly move forward with their project on time.

The company also recently added In-app Purchases Syncing feature which enables developers to easily sync purchase records among Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Amazon App Store. It also supports over 11 languages for user expressions like Chinese, Arabic and Turkish for international audiences and integrates analytics platforms such as Amplitude & Firebase BigQuery for data analytics needs.

Built-in analytics

Thunkable allows users to track the performance of their apps in real-time with advanced analytics tools. Data and insights from these tools can help inform decisions about user interface design, marketing strategies and more.

With Thunkable, developers are no longer limited to simple downloads and impressions to measure the success of their apps; instead, they can gain detailed insights into important metrics such as user engagement, retention and revenue.

In addition to built-in analytics, Thunkable supports Google Analytics and other third-party analytics services.

Applications of Thunkable

Thunkable’s platform offers a variety of powerful tools for creating mobile apps and web applications.

It allows users to develop apps quickly, even without coding knowledge, and can also be used by experienced developers for more advanced projects.

With Thunkable, users can save time and money, and even make money from their apps.

Let’s explore the different applications of Thunkable.

Gaming applications

Gaming applications developed with Thunkable can provide players a unique and engaging experience. Using their drag and drop interface, developers can create robust gaming applications with advanced features such as leaderboards, achievements and notifications.

One example of an application created with Thunkable is Stick War 2: Ultimate Edition. This app provides exciting battles between teams of stick warriors armed with different weapons, spells and abilities. The game also includes leaderboard competitions where players can compete for the highest score or most kills in one round. Additionally, gamers can customise levels with different weapons, traps or monsters and share them with friends through the gaming platform.

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Other popular gaming apps built on Thunkable include Real Car Race 3D -Sky Racing Game, Golf Clash – Adventure Sports Club and Snake Vs Block Classic Edition. These apps allow users to experience unforgettable competition on their devices while maximising their time management skills. In addition, developers are now capitalising on the innovative features offered by Thunkable to develop creative gaming applications that meet user requirements while offering an enjoyable experience in a unique environment.

Business applications

The presence of Thunkable on the market has enabled businesses to scale their ideas and increase their reach, by efficiently integrating mobile into their operations. Businesses can use Thunkable apps to solve numerous challenges such as communications, user engagement, staff scheduling and resource monitoring. By leveraging the power of mobile technologies such as GPS tracking, Bluetooth connection establishment and app analytics in combination with custom elements such as a company’s logo or data visualisations, businesses can easily create the perfect solution to better suit their needs.

Business owners can use Thunkable to quickly build a powerful custom app without spending precious time and money that would be spent on hiring developers or updating outdated versions of other platforms. From small business owners launching loyalty programs for customers to large enterprises creating innovative home automation solutions for employees, Thunkable covers the entire spectrum of mobile application needs regardless of complexity or budget constraints. In addition, with pre-fabricated interface designs ready for personalization ranging from drag-and-drop components like QR codes readers and scannable buttons, it’s easy to make an impressive impression on users by curating a perfect look and feel that best reflects your organisation’s brand image.

Thunkable also offers metrics tools enabling businesses to track users’ engagement with the app so that organisations can optimise the architecture built into their applications accordingly by better understanding analytics patterns at both macro-level or user level depending on the desired objective. This way they can revise strategies under consumer behaviours while focusing efforts in areas where they know customers will get the most out of using their product lines to increase ROI figures as an organisation.

Educational applications

Thunkable is a popular low-code mobile application platform developers use to create mobile apps quickly and efficiently. Thunkable’s platform allows users to create iOS and Android apps from a visual programming environment, making the development process fast and easy.

Educational applications are a great use for Thunkable. With it, developers can easily create games, flashcards, quizzes, and other interactive tools to help students learn more effectively. For example, an app created with Thunkable could include drag-and-drop activities designed to help students remember material or interactive educational games that promote collaboration with other students.

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