What PortalOne’s investors say about the company and how PortalOne plans to use the €12.4M

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PortalOne, an Oslo based game platform providing gamers with social, educational and gamified content, is thrilled to announce that it closed its second investment round of €12.4M. The round was led by Peter Relan of YouNoodle and brought together investors like Atari; Twitch’s CEO/Founder Emmett Shear; Blizzard Entertainment co-founder Allen Adham; Riot Games’ CEO/Founder Brandon Beck; Mathias Ulinski (Twitch’s VP) and Steve Nix (Tinder SVP).

In this article, we’ll explore what PortalOne’s investors have to say about the company and how the new funds will be used to continue innovating in the gaming industry.

Oslo-based PortalOne raises €12.4M from Atari, founders of Twitch, Blizzard, Riot Games, others; here’s its game plan

PortalOne, the Oslo-based game streaming platform, recently raised €12.4M in a Series A funding round led by investors such as Atari, the creators of Twitch, Blizzard, Riot Games, and others.

This influx of funding has enabled the company to create a game plan for the future, and investors are already giving their perspective on the situation. Let’s explore what investors say and how PortalOne plans to use the funds.


Atari is a multi-platform, global interactive entertainment and licensor of interactive entertainment software. Founded in 1972, Atari is known for iconic titles such as Pac-Man, Centipede, Asteroids Battlezone and RollerCoaster Tycoon. In addition, the company has successfully succeeded in video games, RPGs and educational gaming systems.

As a key investor in PortalOne’s latest round of funding, Atari looks to build a strong business relationship with the Oslo-based startup. With their portfolio of iconic gaming titles coupled with eye-catching graphics and performance optimization technology, PortalOne has attracted the attention of prominent players in the industry like Atari.

PortalOne’s plans to focus on delivering its innovative technology to publishers include creating a publisher dashboard that helps developers manage their content more easily and building improved visuals for VR/AR platforms for developers who want to build immersive 3D environments for players. Also included in this strategy is the monetization tool which focuses on helping developers increase revenue from their games by setting up subscription or microtransactions models – all within one platform.

With Atari investing €12.4M in PortalOne and other big names like Twitch following suit – PortalOne just might be well on its way to dominating the immersive gaming market!

Twitch Founders

The round of funding was led by some of the founders of Twitch, Blizzard Entertainment, and Riot Games. These tech leaders have seen their fair share of success in the gaming industry and are now investing in Oslo-based PortalOne with €12.4M in a seed round. This will undoubtedly provide PortalOne with the resources necessary to build and deploy its gaming platform worldwide.

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The founders intend to use this funding to provide an enhanced social media experience that is intuitively designed for gamers. They plan on providing users with an innovative yet decentralised conversation and content delivery experience, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence while staying focused on privacy and security. Having some big names in the gaming industry emphasises the importance of strong—and privacy—focused social networks for gamers everywhere. The Series A funding can help PortalOne create such a platform with high reliability, personalization tools, tools to better understand customers’ behaviour, cross-platform playability, and enhanced security measures against malicious activity from remote places around the world.


Blizzard is no stranger to funding video gaming platforms and products. The American video game publisher and developer is widely known for their popular titles Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone (among others). Here at PortalOne, Blizzard’s experience in the industry comes to our advantage once again.

They are part of our investor portfolio and serve as a great mentor and motivator. In addition, given their vast knowledge in gaming, we anticipate leveraging Blizzard’s know-how to glean insight into the trends in gaming culture today. This expertise will act as invaluable groundwork; from there, we plan to tailor ideas more specifically to our target market and ensure that PortalOne is implemented correctly within various types of gaming ecosystem. Part of this strategy includes focusing on both competitive gaming and casual gaming activities to increase engagement.

With Blizzard’s backing and key advice for approaching the markets that suit our game best, we look forward to unlocking new revenue opportunities for PortalOne that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Riot Games

An investor of PortalOne, Riot Games has taken part in the €12.4M Series A funding round for the budding game development company. Representatives from Riot Games expressed their confidence in the Oslo-based startup, noting the potential for craftsmanship and quality within a skilled team of developers and designers.

PortalOne will use the funds from no less than 10 investors to accelerate several disruptive initiatives, including internal production projects and platform development activities. The funds raised will also help with working capital expenses associated with building new products and marketing PortalOne to gaming publishers worldwide.

With expertise in mobile and console game design, product management, 3D art creation, audio engineering and user experience design, founders Siva Maudhanavidu (CEO) and Parveen Panesar (COO) plan to take advantage of the injection of capital to expand operations with new hires at their Oslo office as well as Venice Beach location. In addition, by expanding staff to locales outside their base offices in Norway and California – such as Germany – they plan to take full advantage of collaborating talent pools across the globe.

PortalOne’s Game Plan

Oslo-based gaming startup PortalOne recently raised €12.4M from Atari, founders of Twitch, Blizzard, Riot Games, and other investors. With the new money, PortalOne plans to focus on creating the next generation of gaming experiences.

In this post, we’ll discuss what PortalOne’s investors have to say about the company, and more importantly, how PortalOne plans to use the new money to create groundbreaking gaming experiences.

Expansion of teams

Oslo-based PortalOne is utilising the €12.4 million recently raised from investors such as Atari and the founders of Twitch, Blizzard, and Riot Games to expand its teams in machine learning, game design, engineering, and marketing. The funds will also be used to support the development of new titles—PortalOne is currently building two projects emphasising community-driven storytelling.

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PortalOne aims to prioritise long-term customer relationships rather than ad impressions or microtransactions. This model may help PortalOne stand out among its competitors within the game industry, a field where most companies face stiff competition for revenue and user acquisition. To bolster this position, the company intends to focus more heavily on curating events related to their in-app content, which has proven successful for other game publishers when implemented properly.

PortalOne is also looking into collaborations with distributors who can help boost recognition of their product worldwide—through events such as app store placement campaigns, editorial partnership strategies and price promotions—that could lead to better monetization opportunities over longer time horizons. By expanding its team in distributed areas such as machine learning, game design and more dedicated marketing efforts it hopes to gain increased recall globally while delivering rewarding gameplay experiences that cater to communities of varying interests worldwide.

Investing in technology

PortalOne, an Oslo-based gaming startup, recently announced it had raised €12.4 million from Atari, founders of Twitch, Blizzard, Riot Games and others for its gaming platform.

The investment proceeds will further develop PortalOne’s technology and expand its global presence in the gaming industry. PortalOne aims to become one of the leading platforms for game developers and gamers by providing an enriching community experience with social features and content curation.

To accomplish its goals, PortalOne’s team identified three primary areas with growth potential: engaging new users; delivering content; and leveraging partnerships with other platforms. To target new users, PortalOne plans to continue developing user-friendly tools and provide interesting social media integrations to help gamers connect socially while playing games on their platform. Furthermore, PortalOne’s team believes curating quality content is key to creating a positive gaming experience. Through these efforts and forging relationships with other platforms like Atari or Blizzard, the company hopes to build an audience beyond their fanbase.

The funds are also earmarked to improve player experience via improved scalability across multiple platforms such as PC titles streamed on mobile phones or other gaming devices connected via the web — aiming at bringing more players into the fold regardless of their device type or location. With wide recognition from premier investors in the game industry such as Atlantic Ventures and backed by founders from reputable companies like Twitch, Blizzard & Riot games—Portal One’s mission is taking shape before our eyes and despite today’s challenging market—it is determined to become a success story!

Enhancing product portfolio

As part of PortalOne’s game plan, the company wants to enhance its product portfolio. This includes expanding its current lineup of offerings and providing unique solutions that tackle the challenges encountered by users while playing games. In addition, PortalOne is investing in strengthening its platform capabilities, with particular focus on data analytics. By targeting sophisticated game mechanics and a feature-rich user experience, PortalOne intends to increase user engagement and maximise revenue from gaming events and console sales.

Moreover, PortalOne is also exploring strategic partnerships with prominent industry players, enabling the company to leverage their expertise and benefit from their larger network of resources.

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These involve companies such as Atari, Riot Games, Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment; all renowned for their ability to create extraordinary user experiences for gamers worldwide. Such partnerships are a great opportunity for PortalOne to strengthen its foothold in the competitive market. Furthermore, the team plans to experiment with alternative monetization models such as microtransactions or subscription-based services​ ​for extra revenue streams.

Expansion of customer base

PortalOne’s capital will be used to expand into different markets and customer segments. The company has identified three main areas it plans to focus on: education, healthcare, and law enforcement. For example, in education, the company is looking for opportunities to develop products for instructors and students in both public and private sectors. In healthcare, the goal is to design products tailored towards hospitals or health networks throughout Europe. Lastly, PortalOne wants to build solutions specifically tailored for law enforcement agencies in their efforts of digital investigations.

The team plans to grow their product portfolio by building security controls that meet the needs of these industries as well as compliance standards around data privacy such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In addition to these focus areas, PortalOne is also looking at opportunities in other industries such as finance or government within Europe and North America.

By expanding its customer base into different industries, the products will tap into various use cases around information security and risk management – ranging from incident response workflows to threat detection capabilities with insights into users’ behaviour patterns. Through this strategy PortalOne looks forward to furthering its goals of revolutionising how organisations protect themselves from cyber threats and reduce their exposure to data breaches across Europe and beyond.

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